Guideline and Compliance

We need to ensure that all parties use the brand elements consistently. As a provider of Indodana's lending services, your marketing and terms must comply with Indodana's regulations.

Integrating the Indodana logo to your website will help you to increase your conversion and even the trust for your store. There are colored and white version of the logo. Please use the colored logo if your website has a white or light colored background, and the white logo if your website has a dark colored background.

Logo Sizing

Please ensure that the Indodana logo would not be smaller than the following sizes:

Payment Method Display

Always put Indodana logo on your payment selection page, refer to the example below. Of course, you can modify the interface to match your current website interface, but please make sure that the colour and the size are within Indodana's guidelines.

Logo on Colored Background

Using Indodana logo on a light background

Using Indodana logo on a dark background

Important Information

All Indodana related collaterals (newsletter, flyer, banner, social media post) are subject to Indodana's approval. Please send the materials to our team.

For any questions about these guidelines, please contact

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