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Merchant Dashboard

Merchant Dashboard is a tool that we provide to our valued merchants. With this dashboard, you will be able to:

  • Oversee transactions and refunds through our summarized transactions dashboard

  • Monitor detailed transactions and refunds through our transactions listing

  • Execute manual reconciliation through our reporting feature

  • Execute batch refund to assist in your daily refund necessities.

  • Create and manage outlet staffs & roles

To begin, simply login our merchant dashboard by entering your registered email and password:

During the integration process, our integration support team will assist you in creating your credentials. If you find any trouble during login, please contact

A. Dashboard

In the Dashboard, you can see your high-level transactional and refund activities. The summary section provides aggregate information regarding:

  • Total Transaction Volume

  • Total Transaction Count

  • Total Refund Volume

To see transactional and refund trends, you can time filter based on the following:

  • All order IDs this month up to today’s date

  • Last 7 days

  • Last 14 days

  • Last month

You will also be able to see the graphical representation for:

  • Transaction Volume

  • Transaction Count

  • Transaction Status Count

  • Refund Volume

B. Administration

During the initial integration process, our integration support team will create an admin credential, which can be used to log in. The admin can then create new roles and staff through the Administration tab.

To create a new role, simply:

  1. Click “Create Role”

  2. Fill in Name

  3. Choose the permissions you want the role to access

  4. Finish by clicking “Add”

To edit the permissions to a specific role, click the edit button:

To create a new staff, simply:

  1. Click “Create Staff”

  2. Fill in the staff name, email, password and password confirmation, and role

  3. Click “Submit” to finish creating the new staff

To edit staff credentials, click the edit button:

For Offline Merchants (Parent Merchants)

For offline merchants with many branch outlets, our Integration Team will provide main admin access to a Parent Merchant staff, who can then manage (create, edit, delete) staff in other outlets. To create a new role, simply:

  • Click “Create Role”

  • Fill in Name

  • Choose the Branch Outlet from the dropdown → this will only allow the staff to access the specific branch.

  • Choose the permissions you want the role to access

  • Finish by clicking “Add”

To add new staff, simply:

  • Click “Create Staff”

  • Fill in the staff name, email, outlet branch, password and password confirmation, and role.

  • Click “Submit” to finish creating the new staff.

Should the staff no longer work in the store, click the red trash bin icon to delete access.

C. Refunds

I. Batch Refund

With this feature, you can do a bulk refund by following these steps:

  1. Populate a .csv file with the following columns:

  • Refund ID (generated by the merchant, this ID must be unique)

  • Merchant Order ID (generated by the merchant)

  • Refund Amount (in digits only)

  • Refund Reason (free text)

You can download our sample .csv file for reference.

2. Click “Submit” to confirm the batch refund

If successful, we will notify you on the refund page. If there is a failed process, we will also inform the order ID and the reason for the refund failure.

II. Refund Status

You can see details of all transactions that have been refunded on the refund listing page. You can filter transactions based on the following:

  • Refund Date

  • Refund ID

  • Merchant order ID

  • Refund Amount

  • Refund Reason

D. Transactions

I. Transaction Listing

You can monitor the details of transactions on the listing page for the following items:

  1. Order Date

  2. Order ID

  3. Customer Name

  4. Transaction Amount

  5. MDR (Merchant Discount Rate)

  6. MDR Tax

  7. Merchant Support

  8. Settled Amount

  9. Amount Not Refunded

  10. Disbursement Date

You can filter transactions and export a report based on the following:

  • Order Date

  • Order ID

  • Transaction Status

  • Customer Phone Number

  • Customer Email

  • Customer Name

If your store has child/branch store(s) and you log in using the main store account. You will have an extra filter named Outlet Merchant. This will enable you to filter transactions based on your child/branch store(s).

II. Refund Feature

Besides a batch refund, we also offer a refund feature per transaction. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Refund” button

  2. Fill in the popup with the following details:

  • Transaction ID (Generated by Indodana)

  • Order ID (Generated by Merchant)

  • Refund Amount

3. Click “Refund” to submit a refund request or “Cancel Refund” to cancel the refund request.

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