Getting Paid


This guide will cover:
  • Disbursement Mechanism
  • Refund Process

Disbursement Mechanism

All payments are accumulated daily and disbursed to your registered bank account at H+1 (working day). For any refund scenario, the daily accumulation of refund deducts the daily total payment so you do not need to create an outbound transfer to Indodana. If the total of refund amount is higher than the total of payable amount, the remaining refund amount is carried over to the disbursement process for the next day. Refund Process
There are two ways to refund the transaction:
a. Automatic (using the provided refund API)
b. Manual (using the merchant dashboard)
Here, some required informations like Refund Amount, Order ID, and Cancellation Reason need to be sent to Indodana.
The status of the refunded transaction will become “Cancelled”. The invalid contracts and cancellation notification will be automatically sent to your buyer. A transaction can only be cancelled within 30 calendar days after the transaction was created.