Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Indodana Paylater policy regarding the customer transaction?

Indodana can be used for any product purchase that is available in the merchant by choosing Indodana as a payment option and completing the transaction by logging in to customer’s Indodana account and choosing the available tenure options.

How many times can my customers use Indodana as their payment option?

Your customers are eligible to use Indodana as long as their credit limit is bigger than the transaction amount. Your customers can check their credit limits in the Indodana app.

How to simulate credit options in Indodana?

You can simulate the credit options for your customer’s transactions with an API request, which will give you back an API response along with the total amount and credit options available for the corresponding transaction. Please refer to: API reference > Get Installment Options.

How can I monitor my transaction list in Indodana?

You can refer to: Settlements Report.

What if the transaction is cancelled after the cash has been disbursed to the merchant account?

Cancellation of each transaction will be according to merchant's policy. Customer will have to ask the cancellation to the merchant, and then the merchant needs to ask for the cancellation / refund through API or send it manually via the Merchant Dashboard. Afterwards, the system will automatically record it as our savings in your account and will automatically deduct our transfer amount for the next transactions based on the refund amount.

Refunds from the cancellation will be settled to merchant by H+1, and will be adjusted with the daily settlement amount.

As soon as the merchant submit the refund request, the customer's credit limit will be refunded to the customer directly.

What if we have some technical and or non-technical issues that need to be solved?

Please contact for any issues related. We’re happy to help you anytime.

Please be noted that under the normal circumstances, if there's an issue in production site, we will give you a response in 1(one) hour and try to resolve it within 4(four) hours up to 1(one) working day. If then the problem requires an extra time to be solved, we will inform you immediately.

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